Keith Deming

Keith Deming

Head of Engineering

Keith Deming has over 20 years of engineering experience in senior leadership roles at emerging and established brands, including Silicon Valley companies (Postmates, Uber,EaseCentral). As a software developer and systems architect, Keith is adept at clearing the roadblocks and bridging engineering and business departments in ways that rapidly increase operational efficiency across the entire organization. He synthesizes complex technical ideas and communicates them to non-technical people in clear and concise ways. His expertise: process optimization, customer experience, systems integration, and API development.

Keith is Head of Engineering at Scale, a tech-driven direct-to-consumer company that builds and deploys next-generation CPG brands in the beauty, health and wellness industries. Reporting to the CEO, he focuses the engineering team on the big initiatives that will allow Scale to operate efficiently and effectively as they continue to ‘scale’ up across all their
brands. Simultaneously, he works with cross-functional stakeholders to ensure the company’s current systems continue to expand in order to meet business objectives and position them for sustainable growth.

A career highlight is when while in the role of Senior Engineer Manager at Postmates, Keith refocused the strategy of their online ordering team to shift from direct integration in-house to focusing development efforts that had more external-facing opportunities. Under his leadership, the team created a suite of APIs that allowed integrated partners to seamlessly integrate to Postmates during Uber’s acquisition of the company. This culminated in 20
concurrent integrations with external partners.

Utilizing a charismatic and directive leadership style, Keith thrives in a high-performing remote team environment. He hires people he feels he can trust and then empowers them with autonomy, mastery and purpose. His philosophy: ‘Always leave things better than you found them.’

Keith holds a M.S. degree in Computer Science from San Francisco State University. His engineering skills come in extra handy as a father of two managing busy teenager schedules, including weekly Saturday adventures in Kendo at the Dojo with his daughter.