Our Brands

We challenge industry standards and change people’s approach toward health by increasing transparency and honesty, innovating through cutting-edge science and effective results, and transforming the end-to-end online shopping experience. Our growing portfolio of five brands and 80+ comprehensive and effective products have collectively transformed how our customers look, feel, and live.

1MD Nutrition brand

Your Health. Our Mission.

1MD Nutrition is a health advocate brand dedicated to innovating, physician-formulated health supplements that address America's most common health concerns while providing education on integrative, healthy lifestyle measures that help customers attain their health goals. 1MD Nutrition's growing portfolio of 20+ effective products helps hundreds of thousands of people live happy, healthy lives.

Hair La Vie brand

Hair La Vie is rooted in one mission: helping every person feel confident and look beautiful. We believe that with effective selfcare products, an inspiring community, and innovative support, no challenge is insurmountable. Hair La Vie means... Hair is Life!

Live Conscious brand

Traditional Wisdom, Contemporary Science.

What happens when you blend the latest science with a dash of traditional wisdom? Excessively innovative, high quality, naturally-sourced wellness products with one single, clear intention: to support you on the path to health-lightenment — mind, body, spirit, and science.

Tru Alchemy brand


At Tru Alchemy, we wanted to create products that meet you in the moment so you can approach your day with glowing skin and a fresh perspective. In addition to clean and effective products, we’ve expanded the beauty experience with engaging, intentional, and groundbreaking formulations. These efficacious ingredients, combined with meaningful applications, evoke the practice of ancient alchemy and truly transform. So, how do we cut through the clutter and give ourselves a chance to reconnect and live in the now? By pressing pause and allowing ourselves to simply be. Tru Alchemy is your reason to stop and truly experience skincare as part of a wellness practice — one ritual at a time.

Essential Elements brand

Empowering Nature Through Science

At Essential Elements, we develop science-based supplements from skillfully-curated, premium, raw ingredients with the highest potency. Along with our exceptional customer satisfaction guarantee, we promise to provide affordable, high-quality, products that are safe and effective because we believe you deserve a lifetime of good health. You should always have your essentials on hand.