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Customer Loyalty Marketing Manager

About the job

We are looking to hire a customer loyalty marketing manager to drive retention of our growing CPG subscription programs and work on other strategic initiatives that build loyalty towards our consumer brands.

Collaborate with various teams to build loyalty, reduce churn, and drive recurring revenue growth while ensuring continued customer satisfaction and a premium customer experience. Enhancing the customer experience will include developing new customer communication channels, creating experiences, features and functionality across the websites and customer portal that improve stickiness and encourage repurchases.

Sample Responsibilities 

  • Optimize retention of subscription programs across several brands 
  • Track and interpret data related to subscription including:
    • Adoption rates 
    • Churn rates 
    • Segmentation/cohort performance 
  • Collaborate with the life cycle marketing team to ensure strategy development of lifecycle communications related to our subscriber base
  • Increase loyalty, monthly recurring revenue and LTV while decreasing churn
  • Drive improvements to NPS by designing a product roadmap that delivers unique and effective features 
  • Develop an in-depth understanding of the customer journey to address pain points and create a frictionless experience for our members
  • Create testing plan for adoption of the customer portals
  • Develop strategies to improve account creation and usage
  • Assist with strategic key projects such as new brand launches and new channel development, creating new growth opportunities and launching new products


  • Min 4+ years DTC marketing experience.
  • Past experience managing a successful subscription marketing program driving.
  • Highly analytical, data-driven, & math oriented. Strong Excel Skills 
  • Ability to analyze data, interpret trends, complete root cause analysis, and develop corresponding actionable insights from the data. 
  • Knowledge of DTC and Subscription KPIs and their calculations (e.g. CAC, LTV, churn, etc) 

Desired but not required:

  • Experience with A/B, MVT and Cohort testing including testing platforms (such as Google Optimize, Optimizely or VWO)
  • Experience with ESPs (email service providers) and CRM (customer relationship management) systems 
  • Working knowledge of data visualization software packages (such as Tableau, Sisense or Looker)
  • SQL experience

If you are interested, please send your CV to